Baby Sleep Music for the baby’s physiology

The theory that says to play music to help your baby to go to sleep is not a new thing, and it is already proven to be effective. Even when the baby is still inside the womb, expert already said to play music for them to listen to. It helps them to grows healthily and also make them has a smarter brain. Let the baby sleep music playing turned out more than just to help the baby go to sleep, but recent studies stated that it is also helpful to ease the pain and anxiety for babies and children. Some music or lullaby can build soothing effect for the baby’s physiology from the outside world. This effect is important to have because the babys’ first awareness about the world is that it is huge and wide and they might feel scary a lot of time.

Baby Sleep Music for baby’s development

But when the baby sleep music starts to play, it will create some soothing feeling for the baby’s consciousness. And it is a great help to make the baby in a state of calmness that will let them sleep easily. It is better if you choose a simple melody and keep repeating it until the baby is asleep because it will be a source of comfort for the baby. This method will give the same effect like being rocked in their cradle or when their mother holds them and rocked them with their hands. These effects both tested by a doctor from London, and it turns out that because babies can’t walk and move around a lot, they tend to be calmer when being held by their mother and walk around. This walking effects also have proven to be the same effect that the baby can have from hearing soothing lullaby to get better sleep.

Baby Sleep Music fo babies premature

Letting your baby listen to some soft music is the same like when adults tend to hear soothing music to help them fall asleep. Because babies are basically small people, they feel the same and go through almost all the same things like adults. Only that they has a small body and they are still in grow up stage of life. Some soft music like lullaby has been used as a part of a therapy program for many disturbance, including therapy program for premature babies because of the research links proved that listening to certain kind of music can help people to gain more weight. One of independent study about baby sleep music and premature babies shows that a baby of 34 weeks old allowed going home and had a shorter time in the hospital because it was given pacifiers in which activated to play some soothing lullaby.

Listening to some music can be a good bonding activity between baby and their mother. Because generally, music helps you to soothe your nerves, keep up your spirit, and some music will make you want to move and dance. This is another prove that music has a great impact to ourselves, including the baby sleep music.