Top 10 Baby Jumpers 2017

Among so many baby gadgets, baby jumper makes one of the most wanted items. It doesn’t only provide the best exercise for your baby. It also makes sure your baby is happy while he is exercising his motor skills. These reasons make this item a perfect gift for first-time parents or for special occasions like Christmas and birthday.

There are many options out there for a baby jumper across brands and designs. Which one is the best to choose? The following list suggest you the best options so far. Check this out and find out why they make the best option to buy.

  1. Rainforest Jumperoo by Fisher-Price

Manufactured by one of the most reputable baby and children toys brands in the world, Rainforest Jumperoo is filled with forest-like fun and complete safety for your baby. The whole design is totally loveable for baby and parents.

By the design, this baby jumper is more than just fun to look at. Featuring colorful finish and cozy seat, this baby jumper is also completed with two soft leaves canopies on the right and left side. These canopies are enriched with soft toys dangling on it. These toys are perfect target for your baby to bat. In addition to these toys, Fisher-Price adds several other hanging toys including cute little bobbling elephant, spinning and rattling lizard, tiger that seems to play hide and seek, bead parrot, and monkey that appears like swinging on a vine. Your baby will also get a lot of fun by playing with the stackable chips, spinning balls with beads inside of it, and a tethered chewing toy which is perfect for teething baby.

The design is safe as well. The stand is completely sturdy for even the strongest jump your baby can make while the seat can be rotated 360°. It allows your baby to turn around and check out on his surrounding while playing or when someone calls his name.

The best part of this baby jumper is on its safe and sturdy design. It leaves parents with ease while it provides the best of fun. The learning activities provided are absolutely beneficial to children’s development. It encourages children learning especially on their cognition and psychomotor skills. These entire reasons make this baby jumper one of the best options you need to consider while selecting the best one for your baby.

  1. Luv U Zoo Jumperoo by Fisher-Price

This is another fine baby jumper made by the world leading toy manufacturer, Fisher-Price. Like the other series, it offers a lot of fun for the babies while it offers safety for parents’ satisfaction. Still using animal charms on the design, your baby will instantly love this product.

As usual, Fisher-Price makes a great design on this item. Still featuring leave-shaped arched canopy with toys dangling on it in a cute way, this baby jumper is completed with heavy duty steel assemble frame. It provides not only sturdy build on the baby jumper but also safety for the duty. The frame is enhanced with pads with non-slip design to prevent accident and injury to your baby. While strong and sturdy, the entire design of the baby jumper is made portable and easy to assemble. It allows parents to pack it and re-assemble it anywhere they want to.

The baby jumper features only fun and educative toys on it. Your baby will be able to rotate the seat, which also features three levels of height, and explore and reach on different options of toys. The toys include variations for sound including music, and light. It allows your baby to develop eye-hand motor skill while the toys also enhance your baby visual and auditory senses in a fun way. Considering that this baby jumper features plush spring covers, the possibility of your baby pricking his finger is minimal. Overall, this baby jumper has safe design and it is still a lot of fun for your baby.

The best part of this baby jumper is on the variations of the toys that are actually developing your baby skill. However, this baby jumper is only suitable for babies who already hold their head upright.

  1. Bounce and Learn Zoo Friends Exersaucer by Evenflo

Evenflo may not be a popular brand when it comes to baby and children toys. However, this brand shows real dedication and professionalism through this product. More than just a fun baby gadget, this baby jumper is safe and sturdy enough for even the most powerful baby.

Evenflo seems to consider the design carefully. The baby jumper is supported with sturdy and solid base for the playing platform. There is nothing sharp on the base so it is almost impossible for your baby to hurt himself. The seat platform is also built strong and steady with three available options for the height. It means this baby jumper should grow with your baby and it can be used longer than you thought. To amuse your baby, this baby jumper is also finished with colorful shades with colorful toys to explore and play with. In sum, the design isn’t so bad and interesting enough.

The seat is circled with a few options of toys. On one side, your baby can play with a set of toys that hang on a half circle wire-like. It develops your baby eye-hand motor skill while he is removing the toys from one end to the other. The tray is also filled with toys in animal shape with attractive colors. The design is made child-proof so it won’t hurt your baby. Everything your baby touches will be colorful, or will sound interesting.

The best part of this baby jumper is on its base. Even though it is light so it is not hard to move it to other place, the base is surprisingly stable. It supports the entire jumper in a phenomenal way that parents will totally feel safe as well. The toys are not many but they develop your baby’s sensorimotor skill and brain potential.

  1. Rhythm of the Reef Activity Saucer by Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein also has certain reputation when it comes to baby jumper. Releasing several series, this brand proves to be more than capable in making safe and fun options. This particular baby jumper has similar design to the previous recommendation, using base for support.

The design is pretty catchy for the eyes while it remains safe and strong as well. As mentioned before, it uses base which is made of the same material as the rest of the baby jumper. The platform is supported by three posts or legs, providing amazing stability to the gadget. The frame is made large enough for your baby legs space and it doesn’t feature any canopy or something alike. However, this baby jumper features a tray that offers more than enough options of toy in magical colors. The seat can rotate up to 360° to allow your baby to turn around and reach different toys on different positions.

The options on the toys are more than enough even though there is no dangling toy on it. Being consistent with its name, this baby jumper offers a series of marine animal figures including clown fish, whale, crab, octopus, and reef plant, which are iconic marine life to start learning more. All are finished in great colors, safe shape, and reachable position. In addition to the animal figures, your baby is provided with a learning activity center. It offers access to learn piano notes and melodies, and language. In short, it has more than enough to keep your baby busy while he develops his motor and cognition skill at once.

The best part of this baby jumper is on its high back which offers enough support for young babies who just learn to hold their head straight up. In addition to it, it offers five levels of seat adjustment which means this baby jumper can be used longer as it grows with your baby.

  1. Woodland Friends Space Saver Jumperoo by Fisher-Price

This is another amazing product from Fisher-Price you shouldn’t miss for anything. It doesn’t only look good. It is super fun for the baby and it encourages learning and development. On the other hand, it is safe while it is very practical. Parents will immediately love it too.

The design is pretty simple and similar to other Fisher-Price baby jumper. It features sturdy frame with three posts to support the platform. The material of the base is a non-slip so it is completely compatible with baby movement. The tray is filled with options of toys while it also offers dangling toys for your baby to reach. The seat is able to rotate 360°, providing your baby to turn around and play on the other toys on the baby jumper or just check around the environment. It is also completed with four levels of seat height adjustment to grow with your baby. Finished in most amazing colors, this baby jumper is an artwork.

The toys option include caterpillar clicker, a clacker ring bar that features three colorful rings your baby will love to slide back and forth, froggy teether for your teething baby to chew, piano with rainbow keys that lights up when it is pressed, and a toy bar with soft toys including two spinners and a squirrel roller ball. In addition to this bunch of fun, your baby movement will be rewarded with music, sound, and light, and it makes it all even more fun.

The best part of this baby jumper is on its practicality. Using the spacesaver style, this baby jumper is easy to fold flat and to store so it is easier for parents to carry it to some other place. This is a perfect choice for a small house as well.

  1. Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers by Jolly Jumper

Jolly Jumper offers exersaucer with different designs comparing to the previous options above. It focuses only on allowing your baby to jump around in safe and supported situation. The design is simple while it offers enormous benefits to your baby.

The design is similar to a swing in a playground. It has strong, stable, and sturdy frame made of heavy duty stainless steel. This frame is foldable and is easy to re-assemble, which is a great point for parents who may need to take this baby jumper somewhere else. Instead of swing, this reliable frame is completed with a jumper. The jumper design resembles trapeze contraption. The baby support features comfortable and strong material, and high back design to fully support baby’s spine. Your baby can jump around and rotate as much as he pleases.

This baby jumper doesn’t offer any toy for your baby to play with but it offers chance for your baby to learn a lot of things too. The design allows your baby to develop coordination and rhythm while it is a perfect item for your baby to strengthen the muscle and improve their balance. This baby jumper makes sure your baby can learn a lot in safe situation while it remains totally fun for your baby as well.

The best part of this baby jumper is on its ergonomic design. Instead of using heavy material, this baby jumper makes sure the entire parts are light enough to carry. Being easy to fold, this baby jumper is a perfect companion for travelling and small house. Featuring safe design on the baby support, there is no risk for bones to develop improperly or for baby to remain on wrong posture.

  1. Sweet Safari Bounce-a-Round Activity Center by Bright Starts

This is probably the best gift you can buy for your little baby girl. Bright Starts makes sure that your baby gets safe gadget that actually helps in developing certain skills while it remains so fun as well for your baby.

The design should remind you on mainstream exersaucer in market. Featuring a base with sturdy and stable design, this exersaucer platform is supported by three strong posts. The seat is made comfortable with washable cover and it rotates 360° so your baby can access different toy station. The platform is adjustable as well with three height levels to choose. It allows your baby to use it longer as he grow taller and bigger. The entire material used is extremely light yet it offers stability in a phenomenal way. There is almost nothing we can complain on the design except for the pink finish only baby girl may like.

The activities for baby are well taken care of here. There are more than 12 toys alone on the tray, placed in different toy stations. The toy options include a flexible palm tree completed with crinkly leaves, sunshine mirror which is completely baby safe, ball poppers, bead chasers, and many more. It include toy bar to hang soft toys to grab and bat too. The base part is cushioned to add comfort to your baby toes and to prevent injury while your baby jumps and stomps.

The best part of this exersaucer is on its padded base and height levels. Yet, the material and design allow parents to have practical item to fold and restore anytime.

  1. Inspire the Senses Bounce Around Activity Center by Sassy

Featuring a unique design, it is going to be a treat for your little baby. Like the rivals, this baby jumper makes sure your baby can have a lot of fun while he or she develops multiple skills and senses at once. Parents will love this baby jumper too as it features great safety and stability.

The design alone is pretty amazing. Featuring a tray and seat like other baby jumper, the platform is supported with frame with four posts on it. The posts are made of sturdy and strong material to support your baby activities. The seat and tray are finished in contrastive colors while extra textures are added everywhere to inspire senses awareness. Its back support is high enough even for younger baby while the seat can spin 360° for toy exploration. In addition to it, the platform height is adjustable on three levels so it should be suitable for longer time.

The toys added on this baby jumper are specially designed to inspire baby development on their motor skill and senses. The wonder wheel is designed to develop baby’s hearing and vision. It also allows your baby to learn cause and effect concept. The flutterby teether is perfect to develop your baby’ senses while it helps for the teething baby. The froggy rattle is perfect to calm your fussy baby while it inspires hearing and vision development. The soft hanging bugs are big help for eye-hand coordination while it allows your baby to experience touch and develop their vision awareness. Meanwhile the ladybugs station offers sound, light, and fun toys for hearing and vision development.

This baby jumper is different comparing to other baby jumpers, yet the safety and fun offered is extremely amusing. It is perfect for a gift.

  1. Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat by Fisher-Price

This Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is probably one of the most compact options you should consider. This is not as advanced as the other options in a matter of toys choices, but it offers more than enough fun for your little baby too.

Unlike the other baby jumper options, this one feature foldable posts like a lazy seat. These posts offer practicality when it comes to storing and carrying it to other places. It also features padded seat with high back to support younger baby and the cover is totally washable using your washing machine. However, this seat isn’t suitable for very young baby who hasn’t been able to hold the head upright. It isn’t suitable for baby who already can jump high or climb over the seat.

There are not many toys on this seat unfortunately. There are two strings on the left and right side of the seat and parents can add hanging toys on it for the baby to play. For younger baby, these toys should be enough but it can be boring for bigger baby who already explore more skills and senses. Still, finished with attractive and fun colors, this floor seat is perfect for the baby to jump and sit and play.

The best part of this floor seat is on its light material and foldable design. Storing and carrying for playing on the go are no longer an issue. In addition to it, it is super easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Little Jungle Bumper Jumper by Graco

Produced by Graco, one of the most reputable brands for this business, this baby jumper will not fail parents’ expectation. The design is flawless while it serves for total fun and safety as well. The toys provided are great and the entire design features advanced safety while it remains friendly for your wall too.

The design is made easy to move or transport so parents can take it with them to other places as well. It features a bumper to prevent markings on your doorway. For baby’s safety, this baby jumper is completed with soft padding as well so your baby can jump without any risk on hard bump. The seat provides high back support for the spine and the cover is removable while it can be washed with using washing machine. It features jungle theme on its print and it is totally so fun to see. The height can be adjusted as well so the design is simply perfect. This baby jumper isn’t suitable for a baby who weighs more than 25 lbs.

While it has the entire features of standard baby jumper, it also offers two toys on its play rings. The toys are removable, totally interactive, and soft while the play rings are adjustable for baby ultimate comfort and meaningful learning experience. Being consistent with the theme, the toys are jungle animals your baby will be curious about as well.

The best part of it is on the strong and durable spring. Parents will also love the safety cord that is perfectly hidden from view.